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Atlas Total Construction Services, LLC

Atlas Total Construction Services, LLC (Atlas) has been in business for well over ten years. Throughout the years, it has not only completed countless projects in their entirety but also has assisted many other companies to accomplish their projects in a timely manner. Atlas works alongside many subcontractors who need additional manpower, or assistance completing parts of their projects in order for them to complete their scheduled work, on time. Atlas never oversteps their bounds and is capable of assimilating into most companies workforce without alerting anyone that they were anything but part of Company X’s crew.

Atlas is a leader in the industry and has a dedicated quality team of craftsmen that can handle the demolition, preparation, and installation of the toughest of projects.

Atlas Total Construction is a leader in concrete floor preparation and provides a wide array of concrete coating and concrete polishing services. Our company offers years of experience and the very best in grinding technology, up to date information and techniques to bring you quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Our highly skilled and experienced team are held in the highest regard by both industry professionals and many satisfied homeowners.

Industrial, commercial, and retail locations depend on polished concrete, epoxy and other high-grade floor coatings to protect the floor from traffic and abuse. Concrete dye and acid stain can be used to enhance the look of your polished concrete. Concrete overlays and concrete resurfacing products can be used to restore an old rotten floor to look new. Our trained decorative concrete installers have years of experience installing polished concrete systems, stained concrete, stamped concrete overlays, pool decks and all types of epoxy flooring systems including polymer, epoxy hybrids, polyurethane concrete, urethane, vinyl ester, methacrylate, novolac coatings, and sealers.

Atlas Total Construction Services, LLC

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